Terms of Use of the Application SCM PT. Indonesia Power

    For the Suppliers before using PT Indonesia Power's SCM application must follow the conditions that have been required below.
    1. PT Indonesia Power SCM application is a web-based application which is a bridging application with PT Indonesia Power ERP system and other applications related to PT Indonesia Power supply chain activities.

      To be able to access the features available on the SCM application, you must first complete and correct the registration.


    1. The Suppliers must entry in the form of business entities, legal entities, or individuals who are considered capable of carrying out legal actions
    2. The Suppliers performs data entry on the form provided
    3. The account validation process will be done remotely or online
    4. The Supplier is obliged to update the data if it no longer matches the actual situation
    5. Account in the SCM application PT. Indonesia Power will end if :
      1. The supplier resigns by sending an email or letter to PT Indonesia Power and obtaining an email or confirmation letter for his resignation
      2. Violating the provisions set by PT Indonesia Power
      3. Suppliers are on a blacklist or red list status in accordance with PT Indonesia Power Policy
    6. Supplier agreed that transactions made through the SCM application of PT. Indonesia Power must not violate applicable business ethics
    7. Suppliers are subject to all applicable regulations in Indonesia relating to, but not limited to, the use of networks connected to the service and transmission of technical data, both within Indonesia and outside of Indonesia in accordance with applicable regulations
    8. Suppliers are aware that any attempt to penetrate the application system with the aim of manipulating data in the SCM application of PT. Indonesia Power is an illegal act
    9. PT Indonesia Power has the right to delete Supplier data unilaterally if it cannot comply with applicable regulations


    1. Supplier agrees not to, for commercial purposes, upload, transmit, reproduce, distribute or participate in the transfer or sale, or in any way utilize any content obtained from the SCM application of PT. Indonesia Power.


    1. PT. Indonesia Power is not responsible for any consequences arising from network connection disruptions and misuse by other parties who use this site
    2. The SCM application of PT. Indonesia Power can be linked / linked to other sites owned and operated by third parties. For this reason, PT Indonesia Power is not responsible for any risks arising from the links made by these third parties
    3. PT. Indonesia Power does not guarantee and is not responsible, that this service will continue without interruption, on time, safely or without errors

    1. PT Indonesia Power can change this provision at any time, with or without prior notice. Every Supplier is bound and subject to the conditions that have been changed

We hereby have read understand and agree to comply with all the rules and requirements above


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